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Sol Campbell visits East London homeless charity

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Sol Campbell visits East London homeless charity

22nd May 2014
Former England footballer Sol Campbell paid a visit to East London homeless charity Caritas Anchor House this week.

Born in Plaistow and raised in Stratford, Sol has a special place in his heart for Newham but despite his fond memories, he recognises that not enough is being done to support the community.

Campbell met with staff and residents at Caritas Anchor House to discuss the work the charity does with the vulnerable and marginalised in the community. He also heard from a few residents about their personal stories of homelessness, and was impressed by how far they’d come.

Current resident Richard, 39, explained how the charity has helped him, “I came to Caritas Anchor House ten weeks ago. I was sleeping on the street and struggling with drug addiction. The staff here have been brilliant and the support means that I now have a safe place to sleep, am clean of heroin use, and I’m trying to move on.”

Richard has recently started volunteering at the charity, boosting his confidence and giving back to those who have helped him along the way, “It’s changed my whole life,” he explained. “Without Caritas Anchor House I would still be on drugs and probably in prison. The charity has turned it all around for me in such a short space of time. I can’t thank them enough.”

Based in Canning Town, Caritas Anchor House is one of the few remaining agencies in the borough that helps those without a home to get back on their feet. The charity gave a home and support to 232 people last year, and the innovative approaches that they use to get people back into work resulted in 37% of residents securing employment in 2013 – a figure that’s almost four times higher than the average of 10% for most homeless organisations.

Keith Fernett, Director, revealed that Sol Campbell voiced that he believes that the work the charity does with both their residents and wider community was very important, and was sure to have a positive impact on the lives of all those that come through the doors.

To find out more about the charity and what they do, please visit their website at Alternatively, if you would like to make a donation towards their work, please send a cheque payable to Caritas Anchor House to 81 Barking Road, London E16 4HB.


Sol Campbell with residents and staff

Sol Campbell with residents and staff