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Paxman challenges perceptions on World Homeless Day

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Paxman challenges perceptions on World Homeless Day

10th October 2014
Jeremy Paxman has praised an East London charity’s work to provide a sustainable path out of homelessness as “the only answer to a worldwide problem”.

The comment was made at a reception to mark World Homeless Day at the House of Lords, put on by homeless charity Caritas Anchor House and sponsored by Foehn. Paxman urged guests to consider how incredibly narrow the line is between a settled, ordered life and one of utter chaos, whether the tipping point is losing your job, a family breakdown or simply struggling to pay the bills.

“Caritas Anchor House does exactly what is needed. Any person who is reconstructing their life, after a period of homelessness, is doing something that is much bigger than anything I’ve ever had to do. It’s a major challenge for them and Caritas Anchor House helps them to do it through a tailored programme of activities.”

Every year, Caritas Anchor House provides support and accommodation to single homeless people, giving them so much more than just a roof over their heads. Last year alone, they provided a home for 232 people, helping 64 into independent living and supporting 86 into employment.

The charity is based in the London Borough of Newham, the third most deprived borough in the country, and was commended by event host Field Marshal Lord Guthrie on their ability to adapt to a challenging environment. 

Speaker Rick Henderson, CEO of Homeless Link, expressed concern about the impact of budget cuts and how homelessness is on the rise throughout the UK. 

“An end to homelessness is still possible and we have it within our means - Caritas Anchor House being a prime example. It’s a fantastic organisation and last year, 37% of their residents were supported into paid employment – that’s a lot higher than the industry average of 10% and an excellent achievement.”

Monsignor John Armitage, Chair of Trustees at Caritas Anchor House, said that the charity now needs help to ensure that every person who walks through their doors has access to the best care and support possible, making the hope of independent life a reality. 

“Ordinary people with a great heart recognise that all of us have to work together, and that in that greatness of heart, we can make a difference to people’s lives.” 

For more information or to make a contribution to turn a life around please visit or call 0207 476 6062.


Jazmine Sandison, Communications Lead
Caritas Anchor House, 81 Barking Road, London E16 4HB
Phone: 020 7476 6062


Caritas Anchor House is a social action charity, supporting people affected by homelessness, drug and alcohol misuse, mental health, domestic violence and crime. We are a registered charity providing accommodation and support for over 220 single homeless people each year aged 19 to 65, aiming to give them so much more than just a roof over their heads. We offer education and training resources, as well as wellbeing activities, for both our homeless residents, and vulnerable and marginalised adults in the local community, giving them the skills and confidence they need to rebuild their lives.

Caritas Anchor House is located in Canning Town, in the London Borough of Newham, the third most deprived borough in England and Wales. 

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Jeremy Paxman speaking at World Homeless Day

Jeremy Paxman

Lord Guthrie speaking at World Homeless Day

Field Marshal Lord Guthrie

Rick Henderson speaking at World Homeless Day
Rick Henderson, CEO, Homeless Link

Monsignor John Armitage speaking at World Homeless Day

Monsignor John Armitage, Chair of Trustees, Caritas Anchor House

Jeremy Paxman and Rick Henderson at World Homeless Day

Jeremy Paxman and Rick Henderson

Sol Campbell at World Homeless Day

Sol Campbell