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Your Space

Your Space

Your Space offers therapeutic services in Caritas Anchor House to our resident group, particularly those who face issues with their mental health, as well as activities and support groups for members of the local community.

Our community-based services are open to anyone. To find out the schedule of activities, click the above image to view the Your Space flyer (PDF).

Caritas Anchor House incorporated Your Space in 2014, to further support those in need in our wider community. Our Your Space services include:

  • Therapeutic wellbeing service
  • Connecting Elders groups, where members help prepare light lunches and participate in various social, recreational and craft activities aiming to connect and engage local elders and reduce levels of isolation
  • Connecting Families groups, a parent and child group with regular trips and activities arranged to help improve local connections and improve the level of quality interactive time between local parents and their children
  • Group sessions covering issues such as reaching your full potential, dealing with abuse and anger management and helping people to build their resilience 
  • Weekly Talking Therapy groups to help talk through issues and concerns and become part of an invaluable network. Our Walk and Talk sessions also provide an opportunity for community members to share whilst getting gentle exercise in a safe space, as Public Health England are urging people to take a 10 minute brisk walk each day, to reduce the risk of early death by 15%.

Our services through Your Space are our response to identified high levels of isolation, low income, financial pressures on families and reluctance to engage local health providers.

Your Space works with Caritas Anchor House residents and community members to empower them to engage and navigate local services with confidence, rather than with feelings of helplessness. Caritas Anchor House also offers training, resources and support to help improve social health and coping methods through informal support networks.

Problematic coping areas with high prevalence are:

  • Isolation
  • Avoidance (debt and health)
  • Reliance on drugs and/or alcohol

For more information on Your Space, please email us.

Dave's story:

I lost my wife to cancer in 2012 and I found it very difficult to cope. We’d met when she was 16, married the year after and we were coming up to our 40th wedding anniversary when she died. We were together all that time. It was like losing your right arm.

Someone put me in touch with Your Space and I attended group meetings and one-to-one sessions. I went to as many as I could and still do. It was a relief to have someone to talk to. There are other people in the group that have lost partners and understand.

Any problem you’ve got, it’s open for discussion. It’s a good bunch of people. It’s just an informal group meeting, and it’s up to the individual how much they contribute. It gives you purpose.
I now live in Hertfordshire but make the 80-mile round trip once, maybe twice a week. It’s helped me so much with my whole outlook on life, and now I’m a different person.

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