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Service User Involvement

Service User Involvement

At Caritas Anchor House, we like to put our people at the heart of everything we do, and continually strive to include them in all aspects of service planning and delivery.

We involve our residents from the very beginning of their time at Caritas Anchor House. Upon arrival, everyone is encouraged to help shape and influence the community of which they are a part of and have a shared responsibility over.

Our monthly Sounding Board meetings allow residents to voice their ideas to the Management Team, where topical issues and key strategic priorities are discussed, and residents are encouraged to put forward suggestions for service development. These meetings are consistently popular, address any issues of concern, and allow an open dialogue between service users and staff.

Through our Volunteering Programme, residents can get involved in fundraising activities, provide peer-to-peer support and education, and apply for formal roles at Caritas Anchor House working with the staff teams.

The benefits of service user involvement are numerous, ranging from ensuring that individuals feel valued and respected, increasing self-determination and empowerment, promoting engagement in services, and enabling us to provide and improve services to support our residents and community members on their journey. Their involvementĀ fosters an open and positive environment, and generates an understanding for the Caritas Anchor House community and the roles played by both the staff and residents here.

Caritas Anchor House will continue to make service user involvement the cornerstone of our work.

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