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Resident Volunteering

Resident Volunteering

At Caritas Anchor House our volunteering programme supports our resident group to develop their skills, explore activities of interest and actively partake in our local community in East London.

This programme plays a key role in helping people to reclaim their lives by providing practical learning and development opportunities through volunteering and providing safe spaces around these volunteering projects to nurture connections and conversations.

Many of our residents have shared with us that they are keen to volunteer, both as a way to use their time meaningfully and provide structure to their day, and also to become a contributing member of their community. In order to achieve this we have continued to develop our volunteering programme, where residents undertake a wide range of opportunities best suited to their individual skillsets and interests.

The programme is based on the active involvement and participation of volunteers, and enables our residents both to help other people in the community, which boosts their confidence and self-esteem, and also increase their job prospects.

Residents can volunteer in a number of areas, whether it’s welcoming guests to Caritas Anchor House, preparing food in the kitchen, helping out with maintenance tasks, or lending a hand with fundraising bucket collections – there’s something for everyone.

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