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Referral Process

Referrals Process

The referrals process marks the start of a resident's experience with Caritas Anchor House.

Referrals into our accommodation

We are keen to work with individuals who have experienced homelessness, aged 18 to 65, who have a commitment to take active steps back into independent living and a connection to the London Borough of Newham.

We work in partnership with referral agencies, rather than managing individual referrals directly. Referrals come primarily from the London Borough of Newham Homelessness Prevention & Advice Team, but we also accept referrals direct from partner organisations, outreach services, refugee councils, Newham hospitals, prisons and specialist agencies.

When an individual is referred we ask the referrer to ensure they are fully informed of the services we can provide, and that we are able to meet an individual’s needs before they move into Caritas Anchor House. From this referral we invite the individual in for an initial assessment with their prospective Keyworker to establish if our service is suitable for them, and if so, they will be be added onto our waiting list. Depending on the situation of the individual and our capacity, we can take emergency measures to house them quickly.

To send or request a referral form from an organisation or agency, please email

If you are homeless or at risk of homelessness, please click here.

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