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Moving On

Moving On

As our ultimate aim is for our residents to live independently, we help them prepare to move out of Caritas Anchor House with specialised advice sessions.

The Move On Team at Caritas Anchor House supports our resident group to develop their independent living skills and move on from Caritas Anchor House into their own accommodation. The team plays a key role in helping people to reclaim their lives by providing people with access to suitable and safe homes, enabling them to live independently.

Key points of the service:

  • The Move On Team works with a range of private landlords, services and social housing agencies to help find and secure properties for residents
  • Residents are expected to collaborate in the search for their own properties
  • The Move On Team will go with residents to view properties to help ensure that the property is a good fit and of suitable standards
  • It is a single service offer – we will do our best to find a home for residents that suits their needs and when we find an appropriate property we hope residents are keen to accept it
  • The Team supports residents to complete the necessary paperwork and set up the relevant bill payments when they move out
  • We work in partnership with Single Homeless Project to provide residents with tenancy sustainment training which includes training and support for residents around budget planning, how to maintain a property and how to sustain a tenancy.
  • For six months after a resident moves on from Caritas Anchor House, we will keep in touch with them to see how they're getting on, if they need any further support, and essentially to help them to maintain their new tenancies long-term.

While we support all residents to move on from Caritas Anchor House as part of their journey away from homelessness, for some residents, it may be suitable to support them to move on to shorter-term accommodation - such as other services - depending on their support needs.

First Stage Move On

Caritas Anchor House also has 25 move-on flats on-site. When residents are preparing to move out of Caritas Anchor House, they will achieve "first stage move-on" by moving into the self-contained studio flats, which are designed to help achieve a sustainable transition back into independent living.

The flats are situated next to Caritas Anchor House, so that residents can continue to access the support and services we provide when needed, before moving out of Caritas Anchor House and back into the community.

For more information on move-on opportunities for our residents, please contact us.

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