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Education, Training and Employment

Education, Training and Employment

Education and training are vital stepping stones in both preventing homelessness, and helping those who have lost their homes.

Learning new skills helps our residents to improve their self-esteem and gain experience so that they can re-enter the workforce.

Residents are supported to carry out a Training Needs Analysis to explore their motivators, existing skills and development ambitions. We encourage residents to discover their aspirations and champion their steps towards skill development and the world of work. Every resident’s Education, Training and Employment (ETE) journey will vary, depending on the above, and will be adapted to suit their needs best.

We have a wide range of services to offer residents during their time with us, which can be navigated and accessed as needed with the support of a Job Coach, including:

  • Onsite training workshops - on a range of topics, such as confidence building, conversation clubs and language classes for beginners who do not have English as their native tongue.
  • Digital workshops - gateway to understanding how to utilise their own device, how to use Zoom, respond to emails, search for jobs and other life skills.
  • Volunteering support – the Job Coach will support residents to look at volunteer placements in house and externally, to support their ambitions and interests.
  • Job Club Jobseekers Roadshow –residents are supported to apply for jobs, prepare for interviews and being in the workplace.
  • Virtual CV builders- in partnership with the Financial Conduct Authority, residents meet fully trained volunteers virtually for support to update or create a new CV.
  • Employee starter session – residents meet with our Rents and Housing Specialist to develop a new budget plan ahead of starting a new job.
  • Mock employment interviews – in partnership with Clifford Chance, our residents are offered mock employment interviews to identify their strengths and are given constructive feedback.

“The virtual CV builder session was brilliant, I didn’t expect the session to be so easy!”
Sarah, resident of Caritas Anchor House

From 1 April 2019 to 31 March 2020 28% of residents held a job, and 15% secured a new role. Of those, 44% were in full-time roles, 33% in part-time and 23% on zero-hour contracts. By comparison, research shows that across the UK, an average 7% of people living in supported housing are in paid employment. Employment is a key goal for many of our residents, so we help residents to secure and keep jobs.

For more information on our education, training and employment services, please email us.

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