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Education, Training and Employment

Education, Training and Employment

Education and training are vital stepping stones in both preventing homelessness, and helping those who have lost their homes.

Learning new skills helps our residents and service users to improve their self-esteem and gain experience so that they can re-enter the workforce.

Each new resident who comes to Caritas Anchor House is supported in carrying out a Training Needs Analysis to explore their motivators, existing skills and development ambitions. We encourage residents to discover their aspirations and champion their steps towards skill development and the world of work. During this process we have a wide range of services to offer residents during their time with us.

Those services include:

  • Language classes for those who do not have English as a native tongue.
  • IT assessments and literacy sessions.
  • Weekly Job Club, and the weekly Jobseekers Roadshow to support residents to apply for jobs, explore the marketplace and prepare for the workplace.
  • CV development sessions and interview tips which make residents more confident, showing how they can display to potential employers exactly what they have to offer.

Our training programmes have been nationally acclaimed and have won awards for innovation, successful implementation and delivery. In 2010, the UK Skills Council awarded us four National Training Excellence Awards and our Education Coordinator - a former resident - was awarded UK’s Individual Trainer of the Year.

We also work in partnership with several organisations to ensure our residents receive the best support available. An advisor from the National Career Service visits fortnightly and provides CV support for residents and career advice around training opportunities and apprenticeships, whilst law firm Clifford Chance LLP run a weekly literacy and numeracy course for our residents.

For more information on our education, training and employment services, please email us.


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