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Aspirations Programme

Aspirations Programme

On arrival, each resident engages with our Aspirations Programme - a programme developed in collaboration with our residents to address all aspects of their life.

The Aspirations Programme supports each individual in their journey from homelessness into sustained independent living, and looks at areas relating to:

The Aspirations Pyramid sets the order of priority for addressing the needs of the new resident. As a first step in tackling the issues in the Aspirations Pyramid, we use the Outcomes Star*, a useful tool used across the sector to assess where people are on their journey to independent living, and unlock their potential.

The residents score themselves on a variety of different aspects allowing them to identify the areas in their lives that need to be changed or improved upon. This forms a personal development plan which helps to bridge the gap between the current and the hoped-for positions on the Outcomes Star. A resident’s focus area could range from social relationships, self-care, health to money management, or another need.

The programme supports the recovery process by rebuilding confidence, drawing out the resident’s strengths and competences, abilities and interests that a resident may never have recognised. These skills can be in music, art, sport, hospitality, teaching/mentoring, catering, constructions skills, any many more.

Every resident is assigned a key worker – we call them Lifestyle Architects – who will support them throughout their stay at Caritas Anchor House.

Click here to see the results of our Aspirations Programme in the last three months.


Aspirations Pyramid:

Outcomes Star:


*The Outcomes Star™ is the intellectual property of Triangle Consulting Social Enterprise Ltd. Caritas Anchor House has permission to use the Star.

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