Caritas Anchor House

Working at the heart of homelessness

Our services

Our services

We believe that everyone is able to grow and succeed in life, and recognise that this might look different for everyone we work with.

Our aim is to help our residents address and overcome life's barriers and obstacles, the expected and the unexpected, so they may realise that they have the skills and talents necessary to be happy and successful in life. This includes looking at the reasons why someone lost their home, so that we can ensure they can maintain tenancies in the future.

Each resident becomes involved in our holistic programme, which looks at all areas of their life and helps to inform a plan of growth and development, personalised to each individual.

While all residents at Caritas Anchor House are able to access the same support and activities, there are several services that they can be referred into.

Our core hostel has 114 bed spaces, and supports people to leave homelessness behind for good. Referrals are received primarily from the local authority’s homelessness team. Our support is long-term, with a typical a length of stay of up to 18 months. The goal for all residents of the core hostel is to move into a home of their own.

Our complex needs service receives referrals from emergency accommodation services for those who have been sleeping rough, such as interim assessment hubs and hotel placements. This service forms part of the local authority's rough sleeping pathway. It has 26 bed spaces, and the average length of stay is three to six months. The goal for all residents of this service is to move into a home of their own, or into other shorter-term services, depending on their support needs.

We also deliver services across sites in Newham, including our interim assessment hub which provides a temporary home and support to people who have been sleeping rough directly before coming to us. Referrals for this service come through street outreach teams, as part of the local authority’s rough sleeping pathway. Residents will stay for six to 12 weeks, before being supported to move on to longer-term services - such as our Barking Road site, or other providers – dependent on the residents support needs. 


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