Caritas Anchor House

Working at the heart of homelessness

One-to-one support

One-to-one support

The Personal Development Team supports our resident group to reclaim their lives by supporting them through any barriers they may have to living independently and becoming a member of a community.

The team is central to guiding residents through the Caritas Anchor House journey and nurturing a person’s personal development. 

Support often involves:

  • Providing specialist advice
  • Sign-posting residents to external support services if necessary
  • Encouraging residents to partake in community activities
  • Partnership building with external agencies to develop further support networks for  residents
  • Supporting and encouraging a resident’s volunteering activity
  • Supporting and encouraging a residents training and employment activity

When residents arrive at Caritas Anchor House they are assigned a Keyworker who meets with that resident on a regular basis during keyworking sessions. Within the team we have specialist support provisions for substance misuse, mental health and criminal justice and have appointed a Substance Misuse Lead and a Mental Health Lead.

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