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Our News in Brief

Our News in Brief

10th October 2017
Ball on grass
As the name suggests, Walking Football is non-contact and anyone that sprints, runs or jogs while the ball is in play will be penalised and sent to the bench for two minutes. Players must also ensure that there are no over head-height kicks. It’s designed to help people keep an active lifestyle...
6th October 2017
Staff residents and volunteers at World Homeless Day
At a reception to mark World Homeless Day, guests were encouraged to tackle the global issue of homelessness on a local level by supporting charities working to make a difference. Held in the House of Lords, it was organised by  Caritas Anchor House and hosted by Field Marshal Lord Guthrie. Lord...
29th September 2017
staff residents and volunteers at world homeless day event
World Homeless Day occurs in October each year and aims to draw attention to the estimated 100 million[1] people who are without a home worldwide. Despite being the fifth largest economy in the world, more than a quarter of a million people have nowhere to live in England alone. In Newham, where...
31st August 2017
International Overdose Awareness Day poster
In the UK, drug poisoning accounted for 3,744 deaths in 2016 – the highest since comparable statistics began in 1993 [1]. Sadly, many of these deaths could have been prevented if people received clear information about the risk factors surrounding drug use and had better access to support services...
31st August 2017
A crowd in Canning Town
Over the past few years Newham has seen areas of transformation, thanks in part to the legacy of the 2012 London Olympic Games. However, the council hopes to make Newham ‘a new heart for London’ and by 2025 it is estimated that £22 billion will have been invested in the area, creating more than 35,...
29th August 2017
Two males in a boxing stance facing each other
The session was attended by 12 current and former residents of all skills levels, and offered an introduction to boxing. The coach taught residents a number of boxing-themed exercises, including footwork, balance, guarding, jabbing and ducking. Then, working in pairs and with gloves and pads on,...
25th August 2017
A group of people sitting on the beach
They didn’t have to go to Brighton or Southend to feel the sand beneath their feet though; instead the 26 members visited the Urban London pop up beach by the Royal Docks, a short walk from Caritas Anchor House. Connecting Families is a parent and child group which arranges regular trips and...
16th August 2017
residents and staff pictured with Jeremy Paxman outside
But yesterday the Patron of homeless charity Caritas Anchor House listened intently as some of East London’s homeless residents recalled what it was like for them without the support of family and friends, that so many of us take for granted. Based in Canning Town, Caritas Anchor House helps those...
26th July 2017
A woman smiling outside
In-Form will be a key tool in providing an evidence-base to demonstrate the impact of our activities, and will strengthen conversations with key strategic partners and others in the homelessness sector. We are delighted that the London Borough of Newham rated ours an ‘Excellent’ service,...
14th July 2017
a pile of event programmes
The event, themed Building New Beginnings, marked the opening of our new building which includes 25 studio flats to ease the transition into independent living for those who have experienced homelessness. The flats form part of our Home and Hope Appeal, which has also seen the construction of...