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Our News in Brief

Our News in Brief

23rd November 2017
She shared that the strain of having nowhere permanent to live, the loss of loved ones and a lack of support led to depression. Since arriving at Caritas Anchor House, Joanitah has received support to build her confidence and resilience. She receives specialist advice and emotional support from...
23rd November 2017
Interim Chief Executive of Caritas Anchor House, Andy Haines, responds.  “Given the escalating rise in homelessness across the country, we’re pleased that housing was a key focus in this year’s Autumn Budget.  “The government committed to £20million funding to help homeless people access a stable...
8th November 2017
London Borough of Newham
That’s 13,607 people out of the population of 340,978, and an increase of almost 1,500 in the past year. These sobering figures have been released today by homelessness charity Shelter, who have conducted an extensive review of rough-sleeping, temporary accommodation and social services figures....
27th October 2017
psychology mind map
The physical and mental benefits of positive thinking are huge - it can improve confidence, your mood, and even reduce the likelihood of developing conditions such as depression and other stress-related disorders. The Pop Psychology project has been organised by Caritas Anchor House and Newham...
26th October 2017
Housing benefit form
The proposed Local Housing Allowance (LHA) cap would have seen a cap on the amount of rent that housing benefit would cover in the social sector, applied in April 2019. It would have hit the most vulnerable in our society, and could have led to rent arrears and increased risks of people becoming...
19th October 2017
Visit to Norfolk
This October, six residents and two Lifestyle Architects travelled to Norfolk for a three day retreat in seek of some tranquillity. Staying at the Dowry House Retreat in the village of Walsingham, the trip provided residents with a safe place for relaxation, the opportunity to reflect, and to focus...
18th October 2017
a group of your space members having tea
World Mental Health Day takes place on 10 October each year, and this year, our Your Space group reflected on the importance of taking time out to connect with each other. At Your Space’s sessions that week, special attention was paid to the importance of having conversations every day and...
17th October 2017
photo of people at an event
We would like to thank Linda for her leadership, commitment and significant contribution over her seven years with the charity.  She will be greatly missed by staff and residents, and we wish her every success in the future. We are currently recruiting for a new Chief Executive who we hope will be...
13th October 2017
two men filling out a form
That’s why residents at Caritas Anchor House engage with our Education, Training and Employment (ETE) Programme. With support and guidance, residents explore their motivators, existing skills and development ambitions. Once a resident knows the type of job they’d like to secure, they work with...
11th October 2017
NHS mobile van outside
Caritas Anchor House offers a home to over 250 homeless people each year and gives them the supported needed to rebuild their lives. As part of our Aspirations Programme we address each aspect of our residents’ lives, including their health and wellbeing.  The session was run by a Vaccine Nurse...