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Our News in Brief

Our News in Brief

10th September 2018
Poster for World Suicide Prevention Day
In the UK and Republic of Ireland, more than 6,000 people die by suicide a year - an average of 18 a day. The risk of homeless people taking their own life is three and a half times to nearly five times the national average.  Reaching out to people who are going through a difficult time can be a...
5th September 2018
Photo of the Job Centre
The welfare system exists to support people on low incomes and those with specific needs. However, many of those who are struggling are still not aware they could be entitled to claim benefits, or are deterred by the complexities of the system. That’s why this month, Mind in Tower Hamlets and...
29th August 2018
Donations of food
Harvest Festival is annual celebration which occurs at different times across the world depending on the region’s harvest. In the UK, the Harvest Festival is determined by the full Moon that occurs closest to the autumn equinox, typically between 21-23 September. During this time of year, farmers...
29th August 2018
Clifford Chance logo
Law firm Clifford Chance has its London HQ based in Canary Wharf, just a stone’s throw away from Caritas Anchor House. Despite spanning five continents, Clifford Chance graciously committed their Responsible Business ideals locally when they came to us offering their help. Our valued partnership...
24th August 2018
Service user and Your Space Coordinator in conversation
Tell us about the Your Space programme. Your Space is all about giving Newham residents a safe space to find their voice, increase their understanding of their own and others’ feelings, and build positive connections with community members. It’s simple but difficult to pause what’s happening in...
15th August 2018
The Government's Rough Sleeper Strategy
“Here at Caritas Anchor House we welcome the Government’s Rough Sleeper Strategy, and are glad that their promise to end rough sleeping by 2027 is being backed by funding and planning. “The number of people sleeping rough has been growing consistently over the last decade. 4,751 people are...
10th August 2018
The new plans from the government reveal that all supported housing - including hostels, refuges and other short-term housing - will be kept outside the Universal Credit System. All supported housing residents will have their housing costs paid through housing benefit – with the government...
1st August 2018
Thames Marathon participants
On Sunday 5th August 2018, Paul will be taking on the Thames Marathon – a 14 kilometre long-distance challenge swim, from Henley-on-Thames to Marlow. While Paul (pictured in red) will be taking in the beautiful stretch of the Thames during one of open water swimming’s most prestigious marathon...
31st July 2018
CAH resident smiling
He was sofa surfing, and the lack of privacy and a secure home made it more difficult for him to look after himself. He felt like he was struggling to keep afloat. However, Amar moved into Caritas Anchor House in February 2018, and now has a room to call his own and the support he needs to move...
26th July 2018
homeless statistics in quote form
The analysis shows that more than 33,000 families are holding down a job despite having nowhere stable to live – an increase of 73 per cent since 2013 when it was 19,000 families. At Caritas Anchor House, we provide a home to over 250 homeless people each year. We are dedicated to helping people...