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Your Space visits Urban London Beach

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Your Space visits Urban London Beach

25th August 2017
This month, Your Space’s Connecting Families group took a trip to the beach.

They didn’t have to go to Brighton or Southend to feel the sand beneath their feet though; instead the 26 members visited the Urban London pop up beach by the Royal Docks, a short walk from Caritas Anchor House.

Connecting Families is a parent and child group which arranges regular trips and activities to help improve local connections and the level of quality interactive time between local parents and their children. It is facilitated by Your Space, our community-based wellbeing service.

The group shared their names and any challenges they were currently struggling with, which helped to release any negative energy. They spoke of the value of being able to trust others enough to be able to share their feelings, and how much it means to them be asked how they were.

They also recalled the last time they went to a beach, whilst for some of the children who attended, this was the first time they had ever visited one.

One attendee said, “I can’t believe we are in Canning Town but also on a beach. I’m so glad I came with my daughter – I haven’t been able to take her to the beach before due to lack of money, but it’s been a great day and brought back memories from my childhood.”

Towards the event of the trip, the group spoke of the fun and companionship they had valued throughout the day, and how it felt to feel a part of a larger group.

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