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Walk The Board

1st April 2021
Socially distant fundraising!

Taking inspiration from the many hours we spent playing board games in lockdown, Caritas Anchor House is introducing 'Walk The Board'*. The aim is simple- you must race to visit all 22 locations across the Monopoly board.

Keep track of your progress using a free route tracking app such as Strava. This will enable us to award a community chest prize to the fastest team, but remember: no cheating by jumping in an Uber!

You have until 31st May 2021 to take part in this event, either individually or as a team of up to 6 people. Ask your friends and family to help you fundraise £200 for Caritas Anchor House before you PASS GO.


1. You must only travel on foot. No buses, tubes, cars, roller-skates or scooters.
2. If you are taking part as a team you must stick together.
3. You must track your progress using a route tracking app to be in with a chance of winning our Community Chest Prize. Please take a screenshot and upload it to your JustGiving page when you have completed the challenge.
4. You can visit the 22 property locations in any order you like.
5. You do not need to visit train stations or utilities.
6. Google maps is allowed unless you want to make things harder for yourself by going old school.


The walking distance is about 15 miles, which will take roughly 6 hours.


As well as raising vital funds to tackle homelessness, we hope to raise awareness of London’s housing crisis. Whilst Whitechapel Road is one of the cheapest spaces on the Monopoly board at just £60 a property, the reality is, in 2019, the average price of a house was £598,934. Likewise, Euston Road may be a light blue property on the board, however, the average price of a property in this area in 2019 was £1,045,145.

It was recently documented that pre-covid, half of U.K. renters were just one pay cheque away from becoming homeless. Renters in London struggle to make ends meet and many people spend the bulk of their earnings on what is often cramped, insecure and poor- quality housing. The U.K. is in need of rent controls to sustainably bring down rents to ensure they are in line with local incomes, particularly in boroughs like Newham, which are becoming increasingly gentrified, meaning long-term residents are being priced out. 

Sign up today by creating your JustGiving fundraising page. Email for a recommended route.

*Not in association with Hasbro

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