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Walk and Talk towards better mental health

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Walk and Talk towards better mental health

11th May 2017
To mark this year’s Mental Health Awareness Week, which runs from 8-14 May, Your Space - Caritas Anchor House’s community-based therapeutic counselling service - has held a special Walk and Talk session.

Mental Health Awareness Week aims to raise awareness and start more conversations around mental health, and this year’s theme is Surviving or Thriving.

The Walk and Talk session was held with the service users of Powerhouse, a local organisation which works to empower marginalised women who have learning or physical disabilities. At the start of the walk in a local park, members took it in turns to share their names and how they were feeling, to release any negative energy.

Following the theme of the awareness week, each walker shared what helped them thrive when going through difficult times in their life, with some bringing along personal items which help them. One walker, who used to feel isolated from her community due to her learning difficulties, said that since joining Powerhouse she has made friends, and talking to those friends and being part of the Walk and Talk group had helped her thrive.

During the closing part of the walk, the members shared what they enjoyed about the session, and all commented on the importance of friendship and the pleasure of being outside in the fresh air.

Speaking of the day, Tallat Bhatti, who leads Your Space, said:

“As so many of our walkers feel they have been excluded from society, we make sure our Walk and Talk sessions are as inclusive as possible and put care into ensuring each member feels valued and is given the chance to express themselves.

“We have been doing Walk and Talk sessions with Powerhouse service users for over a year now, and I can see each of them has taken huge steps in regard to their confidence and willingness to engage. It is lovely to see them be assertive and involved.”

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