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Volunteers’ Week 2016

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Volunteers’ Week 2016

2nd June 2016
Every year, 21 million people in the UK give up their time to volunteer – and such a big contribution is worth recognising.

That’s why Volunteers’ Week, running from 1-12 June, has been extended this year.

At Caritas Anchor House, our volunteering programme supports our resident group to enhance their skills by providing practical development opportunities. This builds their confidence, increases their employability, and allows them to give something back to the local community.

Our volunteering programme allows residents to select opportunities most suited to them. They can volunteer in a number of areas, whether it’s welcoming guests to Caritas Anchor House, preparing food in the kitchen, helping out with maintenance tasks, lending a hand with fundraising or serving meals at a local food bank – there’s something for everyone.

In the 12 months to 31st March 2016, our residents had taken up 2023 volunteering opportunities. From January to May this year, 369 hours were spent by residents volunteering with our Maintenance team – the most popular area of activity.

One of our regular volunteers is John, who joined Caritas Anchor House in mid-2015. John’s employment history has been in driving, and he is keen to secure a job in this area again. John attended a Volunteer Induction meeting at Caritas Anchor House, and signalled his interest in driving. When an appropriate opportunity came up, his Lifestyle Architect supported him to secure the role, and John will now be collecting food donations from a local supermarket three times a week and bringing them back to Caritas Anchor House. He has also enrolled onto a Learn Direct course to help him achieve his goal of becoming a delivery driver with a top retailer.

“I’m really proud to have been selected for this volunteer role. It will enable me to get enough relevant driving experience to update my CV and get the job that I really want, and help me to get my life back on track.”

Caritas Anchor House Chief Executive, Keith Fernett, said “We recognise that to effectively reintegrate our residents into society, it is vitally important that they engage in activities where they are able to make a positive contribution to their community. Many of those we help have chaotic lives and low self-esteem, and volunteering provides a platform for them to regain their confidence in a safe environment and adds structure to their lives. By increasing their skills set, it also increases their employability – a key aim for many of the residents living here.”

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