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The team to watch!

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The team to watch!

24th June 2010

Right in the middle of the World Cup and Anchor House Residents got the best of presents.  Nike have provided us with two full kits for the team and a dozen premiership standard balls.  They even topped it off with training tops for while the team are waiting to compete.  Picture 272 “The team really looks the part now.  You can see it’s really raised their confidence having such a smart kit.  They look so professional now”, said Tara, one of the residents.

To mark the occasion they also changed the name to the “Anchor House Warriors”.  This is a link back to local history.  HMS Warrior was the first fully armoured battleship in the Navy and was built here in Canning Town in 1860. 

It was with real pride that the team strode off to their latest competition in a London-wide league the same day.



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