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Supporting residents to secure employment

13th October 2017
At Caritas Anchor House, we believe education and training are vital stepping stones in both preventing homelessness and helping those who have lost their homes get back on their feet.

That’s why residents at Caritas Anchor House engage with our Education, Training and Employment (ETE) Programme. With support and guidance, residents explore their motivators, existing skills and development ambitions. Once a resident knows the type of job they’d like to secure, they work with their Lifestyle Architect to identify the relevant skills needed to do so. If development is required in a particular area, residents are supported to gain experience in that area by undertaking education, training or volunteering opportunities.

We have a range of employment-related services to offer our residents, including a bespoke CV Surgery. The CV Surgery is run on a weekly basis onsite at Caritas Anchor House, where residents are supported to create their CV from scratch so that it is job application-ready.

Support is also provided to those residents who are in the early stages of preparing for work. By identifying the barriers to employment - which often include a lack of confidence, experience or complex health issues - residents can then seek support to address and, where possible, overcome these barriers.

One resident who has benefited from CV support is Adrian*, who came to Caritas Anchor House having spent five years in and out of homelessness.

“I never thought I’d get a full-time job but when I started on the education, training and employment programme I got help with my CV, putting in additional information that I didn’t know was important to get it on point. I’ve also had help with interview techniques. Like working out examples of things I have done to show how I have used the skills I’ve got. It has made me so much more confident, in myself and my ability. I’ve also just been for an interview and been offered a job in hospitality!”

Samantha Nakirya, ETE Programme Manager, said, “The CV Surgery has been a great success. When a resident finishes a session they feel very motivated and empowered as they have taken the next step on their journey to employment.

“Our ETE Programme will be growing over the next month as we work with new partners to delivery new programmes. It’s a very exciting time as we will be able to help more residents and community members into employment.”


(*At their request, the client's name has been changed to protect their identity.)

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