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Stress Awareness Month 2018

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Stress Awareness Month 2018

2nd May 2018
Stress Awareness Month ran throughout the whole of April aiming to raise awareness to the negative effects of stress.

Statistics show that 85% of adults report regularly feeling stressed, with just over one third of British residents reporting feeling stressed for at least one day every week. These astonishingly high statistics reinforce the need to understand and learn to manage stress in our day-to-day lives.

These high stress levels are reflected within those who are experiencing homelessness, with Homeless Link reporting that 80% of homeless individuals report an undiagnosed or diagnosed mental health problem, including stress. Homeless Link also reported that only 54.5% of homeless people are satisfied with the help they get regarding their mental health.

At Caritas Anchor House we support residents with their mental health and in reducing their stress levels by offering them support and encouraging them to take part in stress alleviating activities.

During Stress Awareness Month, Caritas Anchor House ran two relaxation sessions with residents in which we completed various mindfulness tasks which included psychoeducation around what mindfulness is, and how to practice it. During the relaxation session, we incorporated a full body scan meditation, where residents were invited to follow simple guidance in being mindful of their presence and body in order to achieve maximum relaxation. Following the meditation session, almost all residents that attended either “strongly agreed or agreed” that they enjoyed the session and reported feeling more relaxed afterwards.

“Mindfulness is a good way to let your mind be free of thoughts and unwind. I would like to get more residents involved with the sessions and run more in the future”, said Neena Tamber, the mental health volunteer who co-facilitated the sessions at Caritas Anchor House.

During the awareness month we encouraged residents to be aware of their stress levels and the various steps they can take to reduce feelings of stress. 

“The ultimate message we provided to residents, is that, ‘you have more control of your mind than you think’, which is what many people easily forget,” said Elif Huseyin, Mental Health Lead, who developed and led the sessions. We hope that residents have taken these steps onboard and continue to work towards reducing their stress levels.

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