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Stories of homelessness capture the attention of Jeremy Paxman

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Stories of homelessness capture the attention of Jeremy Paxman

7th July 2011

Jeremy Paxman with staff and homeless residents at Anchor House

Normally Jeremy Paxman is the one telling the compelling story. But yesterday the BBC journalist and now Patron of homeless charity, Anchor House, listened intently as some of East London’s homeless residents recalled what it was like for them without the support of their family and friends.

Located in Canning Town in the London Borough of Newham, Mr Paxman visited the centre where he is helping to raise more than £9.3 million to help re-develop the award winning residential/life-skills centre.

“What struck me most was how these amazing people, who have obviously been through quite a lot in their lives, have not given up and now have huge ambitions for the future,” Mr Paxman said.

“I think it’s great. Inspiring actually. . . they are addressing the root causes of their problems and they now have plans for the future.

“For me the single most startling thing about homelessness is how incredibly thin the line is between a settled, ordered life and complete chaos. It can be losing your job, the break-up of a relationship, a problem with drink or drugs, or sometimes just a family row.”

Anchor House director Keith Fernett says the Canning Town charity is very excited to have Paxman on-board.

“Jeremy is a strong advocate of finding long-term solutions to homelessness and we are very pleased to have his support,” he said.

“He will be working with us to help raise £9.3 million through our appeal to ensure our much needed work in the Newham community continues.”

“Our mission is to build a new 21st century building, with a purpose built block of 25 move-on studio flats, workshops, a new catering training facility, leisure and recreational areas,” Mr Fernett said.

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