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At sea with an anchor

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At sea with an anchor

31st March 2021
The following poem was written by Anthony, who moved on from Caritas Anchor House last year after experiencing homelessness.

When I first arrived at Caritas Anchor House it was a different ship to what it is now, in fact it became a better ship to set sail in.
I was the oldest sailor there, a senior citizen. The old admiral that remembers what it used to be like, and all the changes over the years, for Caritas Anchor House and for myself.

I had become a better version of myself on board this ship that we call Caritas Anchor House.
But I had outgrown this crew now, the captain and her shipmates had done all they could for me to prepare for my new life on land, back out in the big wide world.

I had a new job to go to and had just signed my first ever employee's contract.
And was looking forward to a healthy salary to start building up my savings, something that I never in my life was able to do.
But with CAH’s budgeting courses I was confident that I could handle my bills when I go ashore.

Then lockdown happened and I was lobbed.
An email from Bob telling me that they know I have only worked two days,
but because of Covid I had lost my job.

But Anchor had already made the plans, my tenancy for a new start were in my hands.
Of course this would happen to me.
Every time I get to a place I want to be, life pulls up its anchor, and once again I am drifting at sea.

But what Caritas Anchor House taught me, is how to overcome my personal demons, just prioritise my basic needs.
Get up off my knees, and take actions and share your problems with professionals who care.
Be honest and true and the help will find you.

So thank you Caritas Anchor House for helping while I panicked, just like shipmates you tossed me a lifejacket.
Pulled me up, dusted me down, made sure I knew you will always be around.
I was ship shape when I left Canning Town, because you prepared me for the land and everything around.

I grew quite attached to this old ship, but now I’ve moved on.
I know the next weather-beaten sailor will be able to take my place in the cabin that for three years I called home.

      - Written by Lewistry, March 2021

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