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Saman's story

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Saman's story

18th June 2021
"It’s so great to be surrounded by so many smiles every day, it really does lift my spirit. I feel much safer here now. I know I will find a home and job very soon." Saman tells us his story for Refugee Week.

In my home country, I was persecuted and had no rights. I wasn’t able to get a job and was denied a passport. I had to escape. In 2015, I emigrated with a large group of people in a small van. We began the long journey across Europe which took months and months. I was terrified throughout, as we encountered many dangerous situations along the way.

We eventually ended up at the Calais Jungle. I stayed in a flimsy tent, packed full of people. There were thousands of people in the Jungle, people like me that had travelled thousands of miles. Those nights when the rain came down hard were tough, our tent could barely keep out the water. I couldn’t wait to get out of there.

After a few months, I managed to get on to a lorry to the UK, I remember the journey being incredibly risky and dangerous. I barely had any air to breathe as we crossed the border. I was so relieved when we arrived in London. My immigration status is currently indefinite leave to remain which means I am settled in the UK and there no longer any time limit on my stay, which feels me with relief.

I arrived here at Caritas Anchor House six months ago. Everyone here has been so welcoming to me. In particular my keyworker George. He’s so helpful, and always there for me even when I have my tough moments thinking about my past in my home country.

The team here have helped me a lot with my English and IT skills. I attend an ESOL (English to Speakers of Other Languages) class twice a week and my English has got even better than when I first arrived. The team have also helped me to get onto an online IT course, and I am volunteering as a hairdresser. At the moment I am trying my hardest to find a job, which is really tough at the moment. I am getting so much guidance here about potential career paths I could take, and I have a one-to-one CV session every week where the team help me go through my job applications and CV so I have the best chance. I hope this will give me all the skills and knowledge that I need to move forward and find the career that I’ve always dreamed of.

I’d like to thank everyone here at Caritas Anchor House. It’s so great to be surrounded by so many smiles every day, it really does lift my spirit. I feel much safer here. I know I will find a home and job very soon.

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