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Rough Sleeping Project Success

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Rough Sleeping Project Success

18th February 2014

Caritas Anchor House is delighted to announce that the Rough Sleeping Initiative, which launched in January this year, has successfully found accommodation for four long term rough sleepers.

The scheme, which is run in partnership with Thames Reach, aims to get rough sleepers off the streets and make them a ‘Single Service Offer’ - one which would change their circumstances and mean they would not return to the streets - within 72 hours.

So far, eight people have been referred to the scheme and of these, three are now living in independent accommodation, one has been accepted into Caritas Anchor House and the others are undergoing assessment.

"The people we're helping have been sleeping rough for a long time - sometimes as long as five years," said Jamie, Rough Sleeping and Assessment Lead at Caritas Anchor House. "They've been going to food banks and day centres while it's  light, then finding somewhere sheltered to sleep at night, like the underpasses around Canning Town.

"Once a candidate arrives at the Assessment Centre, we do a thorough assessment of their needs. We ask about their history, their family connections and identify any issues around mental health, or drug and alcohol dependency that need to be addressed. Using that information, we can then try to source suitable accommodation or assist them in making a reconnection."

Candidates also have access to a bed and shower facilities during their stay, and are provided with breakfast, ensuring they have at least one good meal a day.

"We're very pleased with the way the project is developing," said Keith Fernett, Director of Caritas Anchor House. "As an organisation, we are always trying to expand our reach and help more people, so to see the success this scheme is having is fantastic. This is another great example of how partnership working can have a positive effect, and we look forward to future collaborations."

The project is funded by a grant of £150,000 from the Homelessness Transition Fund to tackle rough sleeping in Newham. The grant is administered by Homeless Link and funded by Department for Communities and Local Government.

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