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Refugee Week 2017

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Refugee Week 2017

23rd June 2017
Refugee Week, running from the 19 – 25 June 2017, celebrates the contribution of refugees to the UK and promotes better understanding of why people seek sanctuary via a programme of arts, culture and educational events and activities. This year’s theme is Our Shared Future.

Caritas Anchor House offers a home and support to over 250 homeless people each year, some of whom are refugees. Homeless people face many challenges, but refugees have often also faced violence in their home country, whilst many have lost family, friends and don’t have access to a support network. Caritas Anchor House aims to fill that void, and provide an environment where they feel safe, secure and cared for.

At Caritas Anchor House, Our Shared Future means that everyone who comes to us is given the chance to rebuild their lives and is welcomed in and becomes an active member of the community.

Adonay* came to the UK in 2015, having been forced to flee his home in Eritrea due to religious persecution. After his asylum claim was granted, he had to leave the shared asylum house where he was staying. He travelled to London in October 2015 but with no money or support he was unable to find accommodation and, for two months, slept on the streets and in train stations.

Adonay approached the Refugee Council for help, who referred him to Caritas Anchor House, and in November 2015 he moved in ready to rebuild his life. From the beginning, Adonay said he found Caritas Anchor House to be a very welcoming place. Despite experiencing depression as a result of his past experiences, Adonay felt at home and supported here.

He receives ongoing emotional support from his Lifestyle Architect, attends mindfulness sessions at Caritas Anchor House and has been to Abbotswick – a three day wellness retreat in the countryside. Adonay says these activities have “helped me cope with depression and have improved my mental health”.

He also volunteers to support the delivery of IT classes to our residents, and is a member of the Caritas Anchor House Choir, which was founded on the premise of helping to build confidence in our residents.

Adonay is now looking forward to his future. He feels excited to soon move on from Caritas Anchor House and into his own home, and he hopes to secure a job in the IT sector.

“If there was no Caritas Anchor House, I would still be homeless or sofa surfing. From small acts to big things, everything that you need is here. Caritas Anchor House has been good to me – they have really helped me.”


(*At their request, the client's name has been changed to protect their identity.)

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