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Perseverance in the face of policy changes

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Perseverance in the face of policy changes

18th October 2013

Over the past quarter, Anchor House has seen the continuation of changes started around six months ago. We are continuing to receive referrals with increasingly complex needs, something which is reflected in the Specialist Needs statistics.

During the last three months, we have seen our Housing Related Support contract extended for six months, but with a 20% reduction in monies. As the only major homeless facility with a full contract in the Borough, this has resulted in us being expected to support residents with multiple needs, such as an offender who has post-traumatic stress disorder, a long history of offending and schizophrenia, for only £50 a week.

In addition to this increase in difficult clients, we have also seen the withdrawal of our ability to rehouse our residents by the London Borough of Newham, which has been exceedingly problematic and led to tensions and violence. This decision by the Housing Service is beyond comprehension, and it has culminated in a considerable number of unplanned exits.

In more positive news, the dedication of Anchor House staff has meant that education, employment, volunteering and partnership work has continued to flourish, and we have had record levels of achievements for employment and volunteering.

Our Transformation Programme which is aimed at our operational and systems effectiveness continues, and we have managed an occupancy rate of 99.2% so far this year.

Over the last three months to 06th October 2013 we have achieved the following outcomes:

  • 89% of people were involved in positive transitional activities
  • 23 residents gained employment
  • 14 residents moved out of Anchor House into independent living
  • 855 volunteering opportunities were taken up by residents
  • Our occupancy rate was 99.1%

Download our latest quarterly Outcomes Report: Aspirations Programme Q2 2013-14 (pdf)

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