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Peer Led Recovery Session- Getting A Good Night’s Sleep.

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Peer Led Recovery Session- Getting A Good Night’s Sleep.

13th January 2022
In the latest of our Peer Led Recovery Sessions our Mental Health Specialist Elif facilitated a session for our residents on Getting A Good Night’s Sleep.

Sleep is vital for both maintaining good physical and mental health. In this session our aim was to give our residents a better understanding of how sleep works and what they can do to improve their sleep.

The session looked at the four pillars of good sleep: health, environment, attitude, and lifestyle; and how they impact our sleep-

  • Health: Impact of illnesses, injuries, and poor mental health on sleep
  • Environment: The impact too much screen time/blue lights before bed can have on affecting our Melatonin hormone which helps us fall to sleep. For the best night’s sleep it is recommended that electronics are put away two hours before bed
  • Attitude: Being disciplined in putting away electronics two hours before bed. Using eye masks and mindfulness. Recording your sleep habits and routine using a sleep diary.
  • Lifestyle: Importance of doing plenty of exercise and avoiding caffeine, sugar and alcohol.

Residents were given a Good Night’s Sleep Care Package- which included eye masks, sleep spray and a sleep diary to help them achieve a better night sleep.

Elif finished the session with a short 5 minute long mindfulness session for our residents to use in their free time to reduce stress and before they go to bed. Residents were asked to put eye masks on, and listened in to a mindfulness video- focusing on their breathing. After the mindfulness session finished residents noted that they felt notable calmer and less stressed!

“This class was very helpful for me. Sometimes I have bad night’s sleep, particularly when my mind is racing before going to bed. I’ll definitely use the tips which Elif gave me today, and the mindfulness session at the end really helped reduce my stress- I was amazed how calm it made me.”

Liviu, resident of Caritas Anchor House

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