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Peer-Led Recovery Session – Being Kind to Yourself

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Peer-Led Recovery Session – Being Kind to Yourself

17th March 2022
For the final session of our Peer-Led Recovery series, our Mental Health Specialist Elif facilitated a session on ‘Being Kind to Yourself’ for our residents.

The session involved understanding the cycle of kindness, values of others, values of self and tips on how to be kind to ourselves. The content was inspired by acceptance and commitment therapy as well as materials from the Mental Health Foundation.

Residents worked in groups to discuss their own biases on values and self-affirmation, and to encourage a positive outlook on themselves by:

  • Being open about their feelings
  • Keeping active and having a balanced diet
  • Knowing how to ask for help
  • Taking breaks
  • Doing something they are good at
  • Accepting who they are
  • Caring for others.

Developing a positive outlook is vital not only to their own mental health and self-esteem but also in maintaining healthy relationships with friends and family.

This was the first Peer-Led Recovery Session with an interactive element using iPads, which were kindly donated to us by The Fishmongers Company. Residents were given a voting poll based on the topics discussed and were able to see the final results on a big screen. The iPad were positively received by the group and encouraged independent participation on sensitive topics.

All the residents who attended said they enjoyed the session and would recommend others attended.  They found it useful, learned something new and would come again.

To finish the session, residents were each given a positivity journal and an affirmation calendar, so they can continue to practice self-affirmation and develop their positive mindset about themselves.

“I’ve known for a while that it’s important to share with your mates how you are feeling, but that doesn’t mean you cannot find ways to be kind to yourself when you’re alone. I am going to use this positivity journal. Before going to bed, I will write down all the good things I’ve achieved throughout the day, no matter how small they might be.”

Tasian, resident of Caritas Anchor House

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