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A new home and renewed hope for 2017

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A new home and renewed hope for 2017

26th January 2017
Caritas Anchor House is delighted to announce the completion of our brand new 25 move-on flats for previously homeless people.

The construction of the flats, completed at the end of December, forms part of our £15.3million Home and Hope Appeal to transform our organisation and leave a legacy of hope in Newham.

The move from the supportive environment of Caritas Anchor House to independent living can be difficult for some residents, as although they have more freedom, their structured framework of support, development and progress can often disappear.

The move-on flats will operate as a half-way point between the two states, helping ensure that our residents are able to sustain their independence long term. While staying in the flats, residents will have full responsibility for all aspects of their everyday lives, such as money management and cooking, but will still be able to access our support services if they need them.

“It was the best Christmas present ever,” said Debbie, adding that she was the first one to move in. “For me it is about being able to look after yourself again, being able to take control of things like what you want to eat and when you want to eat.”

Debbie says the physical proximity of having Caritas Anchor House next door offers “the confidence of knowing that someone is still here.”

“I am delighted our move-on flats are completed and that 25 of our residents have now taken the next step in their journey to independent living. Caritas Anchor House’s capacity has increased, so we will be able to support more people than ever before,” said Keith Fernett, Chief Executive of Caritas Anchor House.

Now that the flats have been completed, work has begun on constructing facilities for training and education, as well as health and wellbeing provision. The works will help to meet the increased demand on our services, and enable residents to gain the skills and confidence needed to secure employment.

If you would like to make a donation towards the appeal, please click here.

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