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Mindfulness and Meditation at Caritas Anchor House

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Mindfulness and Meditation at Caritas Anchor House

24th October 2016
Last week, Caritas Anchor House residents took part in a relaxing mindfulness and meditation session.

Practising mindfulness is recommended for those who want to improve their mental health and wellbeing. It is a mind-body based training that helps people to change the way they think and feel about their experiences, using techniques such as yoga, meditation and breathing.

After an informal chat and a round of herbal tea, the mindfulness session at Caritas Anchor House started with the participants sharing their previous experiences of mindfulness meditation and positive memories of relaxation.

A Lifestyle Architect at Caritas Anchor House then led a guided meditation session, which enabled residents to focus on techniques to visualise thoughts and memories, before a mindfulness video was used to bring a different experience to the workshop. The residents then shared how they had used visualisation and that through focusing on their presence of mind, they had in turn improved their ability to remain calm and act constructively during times of difficulty.

Speaking of the session, a resident said, “It was really useful and felt like it helped to break the cycle of routine and allowed us to relax. Mindfulness meditation in a group setting enables you to trust the other people”.

Keith Fernett, Chief Executive, said “Last year, 46% of our residents had mental health needs, and 41% has multiple complex needs, including criminal justice, domestic violence, mental health and substance misuse needs.

“Turning around the lives of people with these needs can be challenging, and that’s why our dedicated Complex Needs team offers a range of activities to promote healthy physical, emotional and mental wellbeing.”

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