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Mensur's story

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Mensur's story

14th June 2021
"Now I feel very good, and the biggest thing for me is to feel safe, which I know I now am. Once you feel safe, you can do anything." This Refugee Week, Mensur shares his story.

I moved into Caritas Anchor House after escaping the dangers of my home country. I started the long journey to the UK, which was so scary. We travelled by a small plastic boat, full of people, and I was terrified that I wouldn’t make it. I ended up in the Calais jungle, sleeping in a tent with very little food in the freezing cold winter. I was able to get onto a lorry and arrived in the UK, and already, was feeling good about the future.

Once I was here, eventually I got my leave to remain in the UK and was able to move into Caritas Anchor House. They’ve helped with me so much since I’ve been here. My keyworker helped me to sort out a college course and improve my English, which is so much better now. I was able to get a job which I’ve held onto for three years.

But they’ve really helped me with my confidence and health too. One of things that really meant a lot to me was their help to get my smile back. I always felt bad about the state of my teeth, and when my keyworker helped me get braces, it really helped my confidence. I also got help signing up to a GP and getting a referral to a dermatologist as I had had problems with my skin for a long time, it was always so sore. You can’t sleep when you are in pain, but now it’s improved so much.

Last year, I had an accident and my keyworker George really supported me. He helped me to make sure I got the surgery I needed, and went with me to hospital appointments. When I had to stay in hospital, George called me every day to make sure I was okay. It felt like family.

The main things that I feel stand out to me since moving into Caritas Anchor House are not being homeless, getting education, getting a job, and getting my confidence and independence back. The teams are really very nice - from the reception team, to the keyworkers, to the cleaners, maintenance staff - and I’ve made some great friends living here. Recently, I’ve been told that I will be able to move into my own social housing flat in the area. I couldn’t be happier. It’s one of the last steps of my journey to get my life back on track.

I would like to thank everyone at Caritas Anchor House for how much they have helped me. I had big problems, and was always scared. Now I feel very good, and the biggest thing for me is to feel safe, which I know I now am. Once you feel safe, you can do anything.

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