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Meet the People: Tallat, Your Space Co-ordinator

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Meet the People: Tallat, Your Space Co-ordinator

24th August 2018
This month we meet Tallat Bhatti, who has been in her role as Your Space Programme Coordinator at Caritas Anchor House for seven years. She shares with us the impact Your Space services are having on members of the community, and how the programme has grown over the years to reach more people than ever before.

Tell us about the Your Space programme.

Your Space is all about giving Newham residents a safe space to find their voice, increase their understanding of their own and others’ feelings, and build positive connections with community members. It’s simple but difficult to pause what’s happening in your mind to focus on the main thing that’s worrying you.

In the last few years the programme has grown from the weekly talking therapy. We have built partnerships with local community and neighbourhood centres and facilitate regular sessions tailored to the groups.

For example, Your Space works with the Minhaj-ul-Quran Educational Centre, and the sessions involve improving language skills, as participants are encouraged to share and speak in English. I also offer Walk and Talks in the community, and work with a local organisation supporting women with learning disabilities. Our sessions combine open air group sharing with gentle exercise and, importantly, helps the women to feel safe and comfortable in public spaces that previously they did not.

What do you like best about your job?

Community really is a healing power. If you can embrace change and come together, it adds such richness to our community. We can learn and gain so much from each other, and that is the beauty of working for community cohesiveness.

I really care about the work I do, it’s not just a job. It’s helping people who really need this service. It’s really gratifying to see people change into more confident and happy people thanks to support that you are enabling. 

What difference does Your Space make to those who access the services?

People become better listeners and importantly improve their understanding. Empathy breeds tolerance because you can really step in someone else’s shoes. In a diverse borough like Newham, it’s important to learn to appreciate and respect different cultures, and build understanding through these group sessions.

By providing a platform and space where people are able to connect with others, explore their thoughts and feelings and share with others, we create a feeling of empowerment. It helps members to become assertive and active rather than passive community contributors.

What advice would you give to someone experiencing loneliness?

Make that huge step out of your comfort zone and access support. This can be through any network; you never know which one will help you to start your journey. Networks provide friends and connections, and connections provide support.

We welcome anyone who feels they would benefit to attend Your Space services. You do not need to be referred – just take a look at our website to find out when and where. We look forward to meeting you.

Find out more about Your Space here.

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