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Living with Poverty: Mind the Gap

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Living with Poverty: Mind the Gap

3rd June 2013

As part of their Living with Poverty series, the BBC recently interviewed Anchor House Director Keith Fernett and residents Kevin, Bruk and Louis for a documentary entitled ‘Mind the Gap’. The programme aired on Wednesday 22nd May, with a note of special thanks to Anchor House for their help in making the programme.

Inspired by a survey by UCL, the programme examined the disparity in living conditions between London’s wealthiest and poorest areas, and noted the shocking difference in life expectancy in different districts. Whereas in Oxford Circus people can expect to live to a ripe old age of 96, residents of the London Borough of Newham are lucky to make it to 75 – a staggering gap of 21 years.

“Life expectancy is about having aspiration,” said Anchor House Director Keith Fernett. “If you have aspiration, you’re positive in mind and tend to be positive in body, and what we’ve got here in Canning Town is a lot of dispirited people.”

Please click here to watch a clip of Living with Poverty: Mind the Gap.

If you’d like to find out more about the Living with Poverty series, please visit the Open University’s website here.

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