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Kick On celebrate their first match

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Kick On celebrate their first match

23rd April 2013

Kick On

Kick On, a London based project aimed at rebuilding the lives of homeless and vulnerable people through football, played their first ever football match this Wednesday and the turnout was overwhelming. Started with the help of Nigel Miles and Anchor House, Kick On was founded by John Knowles, who got the idea of organising a homeless football team while volunteering at a local hostel.

“We had 15 guys turn out today to play football together, and watching them smile and laugh made all the work worthwhile,” said John, speaking about the match. “All our players are homeless or live in hostels and some of them have problems that run a little deeper, so at the moment just taking them away from their daily life for a couple of hours a week is more than enough.”

The club currently trains at facilities provided by the Docklands Settlements, where Ben North, Operations Manager and Director of the Homeless Football Association, has offered his support and is even helping John to find funding for the team.

“When we have established ourselves as a club, I would like Kick On to become a place where people can not only gain fitness and a healthier lifestyle, but also offer support with courses, work placements and advice,” said John. “It's early days at the moment but that's the plan.”

If you know of anyone who might benefit from playing and socialising each week with like-minded people then please get in touch by emailing John at, or follow Kick On on Twitter @jjk1882.

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