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How Amar has improved his mental health

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How Amar has improved his mental health

31st July 2018
Amar was suffering from post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) having experienced distressing events in his life.

He was sofa surfing, and the lack of privacy and a secure home made it more difficult for him to look after himself. He felt like he was struggling to keep afloat.

However, Amar moved into Caritas Anchor House in February 2018, and now has a room to call his own and the support he needs to move forward. He has finally began building his new life.

“When I first arrived here I was finding my PTSD very hard to deal with. Now that I am living at Caritas Anchor House, with my therapy completed and all the support I have had from my keyworker and the mental health programme, I am feeling much better. I am really glad I came here.”

Since arriving, Amar has been finding his feet, and forming friendships within the resident group. He has attended Sounding Board meetings, where residents come together with staff to discuss updates, future developments and to share thoughts on our services.

He regularly attends our Relaxation Sessions, designed to encourage residents to practise mindfulness and build resilience. Mindfulness can help to improve an individual's wellbeing, and enable them to positively change the way they think and feel about their experiences, increase their ability to manage difficult situations, and reduce levels of stress and anxiety.

Amar has also successfully completed 30 hours of therapy with a secondary mental health service, supported by his Keyworker at CAH.

Amar's has gained heaps of confidence, and is now looking ahead and setting new goals, such as improving his physical fitness, and preparing himself to get back to work.

“When Amar first came to CAH he was shy and reserved - now, his confidence has grown so much that he even feels ready to get back into work. In five months his progress has been admirable, and he is a pleasure to work with,” said Elif Huseyin, Mental Health Lead at Caritas Anchor House.

Over the last year 63% of residents at Caritas Anchor House reported needs relating to their mental health. Sadly this is not surprising, given that in a Homeless Link survey 80% of respondents who were homeless reported experiencing mental health issues, and 45% had been diagnosed with a mental health issue.

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