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Homeless FA offering hope

1st May 2015
Neil was sleeping on the streets, and is now living in homeless organisation Caritas Anchor House.

“I was going through a bad patch in my life, and felt like there was no one to support me.” Then he was offered an opportunity to play football for his country, and his outlook was changed.

The Homeless FA was established to use football as a method of helping people who, for whatever reason, have found themselves homeless, to change their lives. "Helping" is the key word in that sentence – the charity are keen to stress that it is only the people themselves who can truly change, they simply provide the structure and support to help.

In April, our resident, Neil, took part in a six day programme, run in partnership with Homeless FA and Arsenal Football Club. The football club offers the programme to homeless people, with an opportunity to contend for a contract as a player in the club.

The programmes emphasis is on personal development, both on and off the pitch, supporting the players to increase their confidence and self-esteem, offer help to improve stress management, teach leadership and a range of other life skills.

“Although you won’t see me on your screens anytime soon, it was a wonderful experience and I left feeling so positive about my life – I no longer see the glass ceiling, containing my potential,” said Neil, after completing the programme.

“My confidence has improved dramatically and I now plan to join a local sports club to build relationships and a support network, something which I never thought would happen a few weeks ago.”

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