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Harvest Festival

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Harvest Festival

29th August 2018
Can you help us this year?

Harvest Festival is annual celebration which occurs at different times across the world depending on the region’s harvest. In the UK, the Harvest Festival is determined by the full Moon that occurs closest to the autumn equinox, typically between 21-23 September.

During this time of year, farmers give thanks for successful harvest seasons and churches, community groups, schools and individuals give to those less fortunate, often by giving food to those in need.

You can either donate yourself, encourage your friends or family to get involved, or even speak to your local school, religious or community group.

At Caritas Anchor House we are appealing for donations of dry, tinned, long-life goods, and food that can be safely stored at room temperature in a sealed container. These donations will then be used to provide meals for the residents that now call Caritas Anchor House home.

We are looking for:
- tinned food (vegetables, fruit, meat, fish)
- spreads (jam, honey etc.)
- long-life milk, fruit juice and drinks
- dried pasta and rice
- cooking sauces
- condiments
- tea and coffee
- cereal
- toiletries

As a charity we rely on the kind donations of local groups, supermarkets and individuals in order to provide our 140 residents with the most homely of comforts in our hot meals.

We would be incredibly grateful for any items you donate, and if you are unable to collect food we also welcome support in many different ways which you can read here:

If you’d like more information about this please call us on 0207 476 6062 or email us at

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