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Give a gift of hope this Christmas

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Give a gift of hope this Christmas

7th December 2016
Christmas is a time of happiness and celebration for most people, but for those who are homeless, it can be a painful reminder of their current situation and family separations.

At Caritas Anchor House, we believe this season is about more than just festivities. It is a time for compassion, charity, love and good will. That’s why this Christmas we’re only asking for one thing: your help to give our residents a better life.

Caritas Anchor House offers a home and help to those who need them most all year round, 365 days a year in fact, and supports them to rebuild themselves after experiencing homelessness. Our mission is to ensure that those who walk through our doors grow in confidence and move towards living fulfilling, independent lives by providing a caring environment and opportunities for education and rehabilitation.

By making a donation to Caritas Anchor House this Christmas, you will be helping to further our transformative and much needed work. Your donation could:

  • Help fund an education and training course
  • Buy new smart clothes for a job interview
  • Be put towards our Home and Hope Appeal – the transformation of our organisation and the provision of homelessness services in Newham.

Every donation we receive, great or small, is greatly appreciated and will help give our residents the hope of a better life. Please click here to make a donation today, or call us on 020 7476 6062.

Thanks to our supporters, we have been able to help hundreds of people this year, one of whom is Kelly.

“I would give Caritas Anchor House 10 out of 10 – they have helped me a great deal.”

Before Kelly came to Caritas Anchor House, she had been living in a privately rented flat for seven years. However, Kelly became homeless after her landlord increased her rent by £100 a week, which she simply could not afford. At first, Kelly stayed with her children, who are now grown up and have families of their own, but there just wasn’t enough space for her.

As a result of the upheaval, Kelly started to suffer from depression and became withdrawn, but help came when she was referred and accepted into Caritas Anchor House. Working with her Lifestyle Architect at Caritas Anchor House, Kelly is now beginning to rebuild her confidence and mental wellbeing, takes part in training courses and is an active volunteer. Kelly is optimistic that she will soon be in a position to move onto independent living, but still wants to keep in touch with Caritas Anchor House. 

“I’ll still be coming back here all the time as they are a great support network. They provide a structure that many people here need.”

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