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Get involved and stand alongside people in crisis

27th January 2014

As Poverty and Homelessness Action week gets started, Caritas Anchor House is taking the theme of  'standing alongside people in crisis’ to heart.

All this week, the charity will be enlisting the help of the public to raise awareness of those without a home through social media networks, asking people to consider who they will be ‘standing alongside’ over the coming year.

“Lack of support is often a contributing factor to becoming homeless, so the aim is to get people to think of those less fortunate than themselves and how they might be able to help,” said Director, Keith Fernett. “Whether you're standing with a friend who’s going through a rough patch, a family member suffering from health issues or all of those in society who don’t have a place to sleep tonight, we want to know about it. This year, I'm pledging to stand with all the residents at Caritas Anchor House as an advocate for them personally as they work to realise their new found aspirations for life."

To get involved, simply grab a piece of paper, write 'I'm standing with...' and your pledge, take a picture and tweet it to @anchor_house or post it on the charity's Facebook wall. Don't forget to add the hashtag #standwithus

As part of the campaign, which ends on Sunday, a live Twitter Q&A will also take place on Friday for people to chat to one of the charity’s Lifestyle Architects, who work with the residents at Caritas Anchor House, giving them the support and guidance they need to get back on their feet.

People are also urged to make a donation to support the cause and help make sure that the work of Caritas Anchor House can continue. By making a small donation, you can help Caritas Anchor House to make a big difference.

Poverty and Homelessness Action Week is organised by Church Action on Poverty, Housing Justice and Scottish Churches Housing Action.


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