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Envision Group visit Anchor House

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Envision Group visit Anchor House

15th August 2013


On the 24th of July, Anchor House received a visit from four generous sixth formers from St Angela’s and St Bonaventure’s School sixth form.  Tayo, Priya, Nilukxy and Jinsa, who are part of the Envision Group, a community social action group within their sixth form, have acknowledged that “action is the only way to bring about change” and recognised the contribution that Anchor House brings to their community.

Having attended after-school art classes and taken confirmation classes at Anchor House, the students were already familiar with its work and, after a school assembly on homelessness from Anchor House staff, followed by a visit to the facility, they decided they wanted to help.

“Anchor House has done a lot for the local community and it feels good to give a little bit back as a way of appreciation for their services,” said Nilukxy, when asked why the group chose Anchor House as their charity.

“We did a variety of activities to raise the money - held a bake sale, sold wristbands and went round classes doing a copper collection,” said Tayo. “It feels good to know we’re helping out a local charity, and especially one that does so much to help homeless people get back on their feet.”

Overall, the group raised a fantastic £160 and were presented with a certificate thanking them for their efforts by Anchor House Director, Keith Fernett.

We’d like to say a huge congratulations, and thank you, to the Envision Group!

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