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Conversations about Alcohol, Alcohol Awareness Week 18 - 24 November

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Conversations about Alcohol, Alcohol Awareness Week 18 - 24 November

18th November 2013

Alcohol Awareness Week runs from Monday 18th to Sunday 24th November 2013, and across the UK organisations will be putting on events to encourage discussion around the serious issue of alcohol misuse. Organised by Alcohol Concern, this year's theme is 'Conversations about Alcohol' and the week’s long term goal is to improve people’s lives through reducing the harm caused by alcohol and change the drinking culture in the UK.

In 2011, approximately 8,748 people died of alcohol related causes in the UK alone, and studies have shown that excessive alcohol consumption is the third leading risk factor contributing to the global burden of disease, after high blood pressure and tobacco smoking.

Every year, alcohol misuse and the problems associated with it cost the UK approximately £21 billion in healthcare, crime and lost productivity costs, and with a 135% increase in alcohol-related hospital admissions since 2003, it is clear that the problem is growing.

In Newham, where Anchor House is based, alcohol related hospital admissions exceeded 58,000 in 2011, with a particular focus on 25-54 year olds. With around 8% of the population estimated to be drinking at levels that pose a significant risk of damage to their health, this costs Newham around £4.2m per year in local healthcare costs.

At Anchor House, 24% of our residents are being helped to address their substance misuse issues by a Lifestyle Architect, and our Recovery Capital Programme offers support and guidance to all local community members in Newham.

As part of the Recovery Capital Programme, Anchor House will be putting on an engaging programme of activities to mark Alcohol Awareness Week, aiming to increase awareness and encourage open discussion about substance misuse.

These sessions are completely free and open to all residents, RCP clients and community members.

  • Tuesday 19th November, 7pm - Recovery Ball. Taking place in Recovery Café De Novo, this event promises an exciting evening of fun and dancing, with music provided by community rock band ‘The Dodgy Jammers’, and alternative options to alcohol such as mocktails available.
  • Wednesday 20th November, 3-6pm - Holistic and Happy Day. Taster sessions in alternative therapies, such as reiki, tai chi, auricular acupuncture, mindfulness and meditation, will be available to try on this day.
  • Friday 22nd November, 2pm - ‘Recovery – there is more to life than alcohol. Recovery Workers from DASL (Drug and Alcohol Service for London) will be running a session offering practical advice for those in recovery. People will have the opportunity to ask questions and get information on where local alcohol services can be found in the borough.
  • Sunday 24th November, 1-4pm‘A Conversation Around Alcohol' at Recovery Café De Novo. The café will put on social activities and encourage people to share their experiences over scones and afternoon tea.

For more information on the Recovery Capital Programme, please email

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