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Charity delivers despite austerity measures

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Charity delivers despite austerity measures

4th February 2013

As the austerity measures start to bite, the consistency of service delivery has been difficult to maintain as we have had to be able to deal with innumerable problems.

In one week some 32 residents had their benefits suspended, mostly for very arbitrary reasons; partnership working with the statutory sector is a difficult concept as the voluntary sector is not appropriately recognized. Because of the disjointed working arrangements we had to fund a residential detox at a cost of £12,000 (we are still seeking donations).

Our Education and Training Programme continues to excel along with our Health and Wellbeing work, with over 1,000 visits to the AA/NA/CA recovery meetings in the quarter. We have implemented a Programme of E-Learning to meet the needs of Universal Credits.

As can be seen from the results we now have a considerable number of residents with offending/drug/alcohol/mental health and domestic violence problems. The hardening of the client group has led to an increased number of unplanned exits as too many residents have refused to invest in themselves and our new Warning Framework approach is now highlighting all of these issues.

Over the last three months to 06th January 2013 we have achieved the following outcomes:

  • 94% of people were involved in positive transitional activities
  • 40 residents were in employment
  • 16 residents moved out of Anchor House into independent living
  • 572 volunteering opportunities were taken up by residents
  • Our occupancy rate was 94.1%

Download our latest quarterly Outcomes Report: Aspirations Programme Q3 2012-13  (pdf)

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