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A Changing Environment

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A Changing Environment

17th October 2014
As we finish the second quarter of this year, Caritas Anchor House continues to adjust to the ever changing environment in the homeless sector.

The re-commissioning of a number of services has caused our service provision to be disrupted, and we are still receiving a large number of referral requests, but have only been able to accept 20% of these to be booked in.

Over half of our residents have one or more complex need, such as issues with alcohol and substance misuse, poor mental health, domestic violence and crime, and this is having an impact on our overall performance, particularly employment.

Despite this, we have moved a long way in reviewing our working practices and received a very positive inspection report from London Borough of Newham which recognised both our high levels of performance and our culture and ethos in turning the lives of our service users around.

Volunteering continues to be an exceptional development not only for our residents but also other service users, especially those involved in the Rough Sleepers Assessment Centre.

To a certain degree some of our internal statistics have slightly fallen due to external factors, and we continue to find move-on a difficulty as a result of lack of funding to participate in the private rented sector in Newham. The consequence of no local authority scheme is that our residents are unable to leave Caritas Anchor House, despite being ready to, as we cannot effectively rehouse them in appropriate accommodation.

Over the last three months to 05 October 2014 we have achieved the following outcomes:

  • 87% of residents were involved in positive transitional activities
  • 21 residents gained employment
  • 17 residents moved out of Caritas Anchor House into independent living
  • 1,295 volunteering opportunities were taken up by residents
  • Our occupancy rate was 99.2%

Download our latest quarterly Outcomes Report: Aspirations Programme Q2 to 05 October 2014 (pdf)



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