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Caritas Anchor House awarded Good Work Standard employer

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Caritas Anchor House awarded Good Work Standard employer

31st March 2022
Caritas Anchor House becomes one of the first Good Work Standard employers in London. The Greater London Authority Fairness Panel has awarded this based on their work around employee wellbeing, employee-led groups, fair recruitment practices.

On the 3rd March, the Greater London Authority’s Fairness Panel approved Caritas Anchor House as a Good Work Standard employer at an Achievement level. Caritas Anchor House is now one of the first official Good Work Standard employers in London. The panel noted that Caritas Anchor House scored well as a small employer and that they are reaching the benchmark for Excellence Level in many areas:

  • Health and wellbeing: Caritas Anchor House scored well in the wellbeing pillar and provided a health and wellbeing plan which demonstrates a clear commitment to ensuring a healthy workplace.

  • Employee Voice: Caritas Anchor House demonstrates evidence of employee voice through the employee-led groups, such as the Belonging Committee which works to tackle key issues like diversity and equality.

  • Fair recruitment: The panel also noted that steps have also been taken to ensure fair recruitment practices by training all hiring managers on effective interviewing skills.

The Mayor of London’s Good Work Standard was officially launched in 2019 as part of the Mayor’s commitment to making London the best city in the world to work in. The Mayor’s Good Work Standard sets the benchmark for the best employment standards and helps employers contribute to a fairer and more inclusive London economy. This means the economy works for all Londoners and more Londoners can access good jobs, in workplaces that support their health and wellbeing. To make this happen, the Mayor is working with organisations like Caritas Anchor House to celebrate excellent work practices and assist employers in adopting best practice approaches by bringing together a range of support and resources.

By signing up to the Good Work Standard, employers signal that they are committed to healthy, fair and inclusive workplaces. This is an important step in attracting and retaining diverse, talented and successful people to work at Caritas Anchor House

“We are pleased to be one of the first official Good Work Standard employers in London. We believe this is an important recognition of our commitment to our people. It also reflects the many ways in which we are striving for the best possible working conditions for our employees.”

Craig Hardaker, Head of People, Caritas Anchor House


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