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Cardboard Citizens Perform Glasshouse

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Cardboard Citizens Perform Glasshouse

11th February 2014


On Tuesday 4th February, there was a great turn out for Cardboard Citizens' play 'Glasshouse' at Caritas Anchor House's Recovery Café De Novo.

Cardboard Citizens is a professional homeless people's theatre company that puts on plays performed by homeless and marginalized people, sharing experiences, encouraging problem-solving and bringing attention to the issues faced by homeless people.

In Glasshouse, the audience learns about family and how hard it can be to keep loving. Three interwoven stories take the audience into the lives of members of a single family as, fragile as any of us and tested by the times in modern Britain, they struggle to stay together and fail to survive apart.

Glasshouse is an unusual play as actors or audience members can stop a performance and suggest different actions for the actors to carry out on-stage in an attempt to change the outcome.

One of those people was Diana, a staff member at Caritas Anchor House. "There's a scene in the play where the wife is having an argument with her husband, and it gets out of hand and she becomes very emotional. When I got up, I decided to try and show a different way of approaching that situation - being assertive and reassuring, and having a constructive discussion."

"I'd definitely recommend going to see Glasshouse and getting involved if you can. It's a good way of teaching, with topics that are very relevant and actually make you think about the outcomes of your actions, but it's also really good fun."

Afterwards, audience members were given the opportunity to talk to the actors and mentors about Cardboard Citizens membership, training opportunities and information advice and guidance sessions.

Click here to view a clip of the play.

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