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The cancellation of our World Homeless Day reception

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The cancellation of our World Homeless Day reception

14th October 2019
Last week marked World Homeless Day and what should have been our annual reception which was sadly cancelled due to the disruption caused by protests in Westminster.

We know many people were looking forward to the event, and so we are very sorry for any inconvenience caused.

Our event aimed to draw attention to the homelessness crisis on a local level, and showcase the people and stories behind the statistics. Attendees would have heard about all we have achieved in the past year, thanks to their continued support. We have a lot to be proud of, including:

  • Launching a new service, our Rough Sleepers Assessment Hub, specifically supporting those with complex needs to come off of the streets
  • Providing a home to almost 200 people experiencing homelessness, and the support they need to start their next chapters
  • Supporting 85 people to secure and sustain employment, and 46 to secure a new home and move on positively from our services.

While we’ve been busy transforming our service, we’ve also opened a brand new high-spec kitchen, to enable residents to prepare themselves for independent living, as well as an IT and e-learning suite to support residents to keep connected and continue learning. Most recently, on World Homeless Day itself, we opened our newly renovated lounge – designed to be a multi-functional and relaxing space, enabling residents to unwind, build their social networks and most importantly, to feel at home.

“Since I moved in to Caritas Anchor House, I’ve had nothing but help and support. All they asked is that I make the most of the opportunities there. Now, for the first time in a long while, I have somewhere I can call home. I still pop in to Caritas Anchor House every now and then - it’s good to know that they are still there if I need them. I’m on the up, I’m the phoenix rising from the ashes.” – Rick, former resident of Caritas Anchor House

So many people have helped, in various ways, to achieve all that we have – thank you so much from all of us. Your support is making a huge difference. But we won’t stop here. As we move forward, we need to find creative ways to help more people out of homelessness, which will mean developing more bed spaces and creating faster routes through our service.

If you would like to support Caritas Anchor House, we’d love to hear from you. Please do get in touch on or find out how you could get involved.

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