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A bigger impact on rough sleeping in Newham

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A bigger impact on rough sleeping in Newham

14th September 2021
We have provided a home and support to hundreds of people experiencing homelessness each year from our base in Canning Town since the nineties, and do so through two services – our core service, and service for people with complex support needs.

From September 2021, we’re pleased to announce that we will now be helping more people than ever before across the London Borough of Newham who have been sleeping rough.

We are now delivering support through four additional services at multiple sites, as part of our new partnership to reduce rough sleeping in the borough and support people to achieve independent living – with Change Grow Live as the lead partner.

Alongside Caritas Anchor House who provide holistic support to those staying in the services across the borough - such as around health and wellbeing, access to benefits and support to live independently - service delivery partners include Bounce Back who provide services relating to education and employment, Praxis who provide support around immigration, NEWway project who run a day centre, and Change Grow Live who provide street outreach and support with drug and alcohol misuse.

“Caritas Anchor House has supported thousands of people to move on from homelessness over the years, and we’re so pleased now to be able to have an even bigger impact in our community – where levels of homelessness are higher than anywhere else in the country. We’re proud to be working with such dedicated partners to reduce and prevent rough sleeping and make a difference to so many people.” – Amanda Dubarry, Chief Executive

The additional services at which Caritas Anchor House are now providing holistic support are as follows:

Interim Direct Access Assessment Service

This services provides short-term accommodation and support for 16 people at any one time who are sleeping rough (for up to six weeks). Individuals will be supported to access longer-term accommodation via the below services and Caritas Anchor House’s Canning Town site. The Assessment Service is temporarily based at Ne Ville Hotel (Upton Park) and will be moving to City View Hotel (Stratford), where we’ll be able to support 23 people at any one time.

Launchpad and Brady Mead

Launchpad provides accommodation and support with people with medium to high support needs and can accommodate 10 people at any one time with on-site support, at its base in Beckton. Brady Mead is designed as a step-down from Launchpad, and has four self-contained flats available. Visiting support from the Launchpad team is available at Brady Mead, to continue the support for those living there.


Plashet provides accommodation and support for women with medium to high support needs. The service can accommodate 7 women at any one time with on-site support.

Move on/floating support

This support service is currently based at Courtney Hotel. The current focus is around working with people who were supported into the Courtney Hotel by the local authority, to prevent rough sleeping – many of whom may not be eligible for other services. Additional floating support is provided to people who are engaged with rough sleeping services and currently living in houses of multiple occupation (HMO’s) in the community. We are supporting around 50 people through these services.

Access to the above services will primarily be via street outreach teams, so if you are or know someone who is sleeping rough please share as much information as possible, such as a description and exact location, with StreetLink via their website or app.

These changes mean we are now supporting over 200 people experiencing homelessness at any one time, to move onto their next chapters. We’re also excited to announce that from 2022, we will be increasing our bed spaces at our main site in Canning Town by 15 as part of our Hope Street development – aptly named by our residents – so that we can help even more people on their journeys away from homelessness.

Watch this space for more updates!

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