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The Big Issue Launches Subscription Service

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The Big Issue Launches Subscription Service

2nd April 2014

The Big Issue launched its subscription service on 1st April, in partnership with Caritas Anchor House. This initiative hopes to make it easier for the public to support those without a home and is specifically aimed at people who do not have a vendor in their area or are unable to get a copy of the magazine every week.

Caritas Anchor House will be managing the distribution of the subscriptions through the charity's volunteering Time Bank scheme. Homeless residents, who may not be able to find work opportunities through traditional routes, will package and send each subscription, giving them valuable employment experience and helping them gain access to services through Time Bank credits.

"We launched The Big Issue over 22 years ago. Since then, we have sold millions of magazines and helped the most marginalised in society earn millions of pounds, keeping them independent and on the journey to full time work," said John Bird, Founder of the Big Issue.

"However, people tell us they would like to read the magazine more but can’t always get hold of it. With our new subscriptions service we will charge full cover price – no discounts. This way we don’t undercut the men and women on the street selling the magazine."

Subscriptions start from as little as £32.50 and the revenue generated will help The Big Issue and Caritas Anchor House to continue to support their vendors and residents. As The Big Issue is a social enterprise and pay no dividends, all profits from subscriptions will be re-invested to help Big Issue vendors on the street and further the opportunities currently provided by Caritas Anchor House.

"Our residents are at the heart of everything we do, and this partnership is another example of our ability to get creative and innovate to find new ways to help them," said Keith Fernett, Director of Caritas Anchor House. "Last year we helped 86 people to get jobs and our residents volunteered 2,775 times. We hope that through further partnerships such as this one with The Big Issue, these figures will continue to rise."

For more information, or to set up a subscription, please visit or call 01795 414 753.

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