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Bevan Brittan Give and Gain at Caritas Anchor House

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Bevan Brittan Give and Gain at Caritas Anchor House

15th May 2015
The sun came out for the annual Give and Gain day this Friday at Caritas Anchor House, as residents and staff members played host to volunteers from law firm Bevan Brittan.

Give and Gain day, organised by Business in the Community, is a celebration of the power of employee volunteering. The enthusiastic volunteers from Bevan Brittan, a law firm dedicated to public services, spent the morning chatting with residents, giving them top interview tips and talking about employability skills. They also ran mentoring workshops where the lawyers helped 20 of our residents improve and update their CVs.

The volunteers then donned aprons to provide a BBQ lunch to all of burgers, sausages and chicken.

After lunch, residents had the chance to mingle with the lawyers and also update out their own Training Needs Analysis document. This document lets the resident list what they are most interested in and allows staff to pin point them in the right direction for different volunteering opportunities. 18 residents attended this part of the day to update their analysis.

“The day has given me a deeper insight into where I can go in a career sense – it’s allowed me to realign my career goals” said resident Asher Stoute-Nicholls.

Stuart Marchant, a Partner in the Clinical Risk team of Bevan Brittan, said of the experience “I wanted to choose a Give and Gain day project that allowed us to meet a diverse group of people and use some of our skills in a way that could help make a difference to people. Having now spent the day with everyone at Caritas Anchor House, it has exceeded our expectations in terms of some of the fantastic people who live and work here.”

“We’re very grateful for the time that the Bevan Brittan volunteers donated to Caritas Anchor House today,” said Keith Fernett, the charity’s CEO. “Give and Gain Day is a great opportunity for companies to get involved with charities and it was really uplifting to see the Bevan Brittan volunteers and residents working together.”

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